A Maine woman is so thankful that a humpback whale saved her from a shark! This is NOT fake news!

According to the Bangor Daily News, Nan Hauser of Brunswick is a Whale Biologist and she has made quite the discovery. While snorkeling in the South Pacific near the Cook Islands, she came upon a 50,000 pound hump back whale. For her, this is not a frightening moment at all. I would be terrified.

Nan found the whale's behavior a little strange. This whale wasn't swimming away... It was hovering with her. In fact, this whale nudged her, tried tucking her beneath its humongous fin, and even lifted her out of the water. Nan played along, until she came up for air and was scared. Once she was on the surface of the water, she could see that a giant tiger shark was lingering nearby. The shark was ready to make her its dinner, but her friendly whale was protecting her from the danger.

Is this evidence that whales love humans? Just WOW!