This is why you have to clear the snow from your car after a snowstorm.  According to WMTW-TV, a family was driving on Rt. 25 in Wareham, MA on Thursday, when a tractor-trailer with a snow covered roof struck an overpass. The snow exploded on impact, sending a mist of snow everywhere, and knocking down a black tarp that was attached to the bridge.

A driver following the tractor-trailer, had her daughter record the incident on her phone after spotting the snow on the truck. Police say the loose tarp posed a "serious hazard to other vehicles" but there were no injuries. WMTW-TV says a highway crew picked up the tarp shortly after the incident was reported

Although the weather looks clear for the next few days, another snow storm could be heading our way on Wednesday and Thursday. So keep in mind to take a few extra minutes to clear the snow from your car before driving.


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