We are celebrating the opening of Washville Car Wash's newest location in Topsham at 85 Topsham Fair Mall Road! Washville is already open in Augusta and Brunswick and they are now adding a new location to the roster!

The new car wash is set in a prime spot right at the Topsham Fair Mall and will provide a range of high-quality services to cater to your car's needs. I know that cars don't necessarily have emotions but you and I both know we pamper them like they do. My cars named "Bessy."

Now, we all know that cars don't actually have emotions, but let's be honest – we pamper them like they do. They become part of our family, and in my case, my car even has a name: "Bessy." And I am certainly going to take her to Washville!

Merry St Pierre
Merry St Pierre

I personally love getting my car washed to enhance the overall appearance and  contribute to the maintenance and longevity of my Bessy and that's exactly what Washville will you do for you!

One service that I want to point out is their vacuums. If you have a furry friend and they shed all over the place then these vacuums are perfect for cleaning up their hair!

They are open now but also will have a grand opening on July 15th!

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