YouTube has a vast library of videos from television's past. They're mostly posted by people who still have their old VHS tapes when they would record their favorite shows in the days before DVRs and later, streaming on-demand. It's a great source to see not only the shows but the old commercials that you might remember from back in the day.

I watch more YouTube videos on my TV than actual shows these days. We're all short on time with so much to do, so it's much quicker for me to catch up on the latest 20-minute video from a YouTube channel I subscribe to than to watch a two and half hour movie or even a 50-minute episode of something like Succession or Silo as good as both those shows are.

While I was browsing through old videos from TV, I saw this commercial for Old Milwaukee Beer from 1984. I was thirteen at the time this was running on TV, but I remember it well because it takes place in Maine. Or does it?

The commercial features a lobster boat pulling up traps off East Point, Maine, and then a bunch of friends getting together for a clambake on the rocky shore with, of course, a big ice-filled chest of Old Milwaukee and Old Milwaukee Light.

To be honest, I had never heard of East Point, Maine. At thirteen, I never gave it a thought, but as an adult, I would think I would have heard of it. It seems to be they are making it up. But no....

Google Maps
Google Maps

East Point isn't a town, it's a place, though the commercial would make you think it's a town in Maine. It's simply the easternmost point of Prouts Neck in Scarborough. I've lived in Maine all my life and had no idea.

You'd think that they would have picked an actual fishing town like Rockland, Boothbay Harbor, or even Portland. If they even filmed this in Maine to begin with. I have my doubts.

Still cool to see this vintage Old Milwaukee commercial with these actors dressed in 80s attire pretending to be Mainers. "It doesn't get any better than this."

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