An anonymous person made a report to the National UFO Center on October 8th at 1:30 in the morning. The described it as a "round object that traveled across the sky and then went straight upward until it disappeared amongst the stars." Could it have been a UFO? The person who reported it seems to think so.

What was this strange phenomenon? The National UFO Center does not provide explanations. It's website provides a forum for people to report what they see. Here is the UFO sighting report from Auburn:

I had gone out on my deck to get some air and was looking at the Big Dipper and trying to locate the Little Dipper. I then noticed a bright light, similar to the size of Venus, travelling across the sky in a north to south direction. The speed was similar to that of a satellite or the space station when that passes. The bright light did not have any other lights or flashing. After traveling approximately 1/3 of the viewing area, the light was almost over my head. The object then went straight upward and after about 10 seconds it disappeared.

Interestingly enough, there have been 18 sightings this year in Maine alone. Click here to read the other reports.

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