Imagine it feeling like a typical Saturday night in Maine for you -- maybe getting out of work late, hitting the road to meet up with friends, going for a ride with the family before a possible hurricane hammers you the next day -- and you look up and see the sky lit up in unusual colors.

That's the exact experience that Reddit user Canna_KHunt said a friend had while driving over the weekend.

Maine UFO Sightings

Naturally, seemingly the first thought any time any random, unusual light pops up in the sky is some kind of UFO activity. Back in February, when declassified documents about UFOs came to light, Maine was identified as a hotspot for UFO action, according to a report from WGME. In fact, about 1,000 reports of UFO sightings in Maine have been made over the last 40 years.

So, it's pretty logical that the assumption those lights were caused by UFOs would be made, but there aren't many Mainers buying it.

Topsham Fair

Last week, the Portland Press Herald ran a story highlighting that we would be getting an extended visit from the Topsham Fair, after the ongoing pandemic and elevated Delta variant numbers caused the fair to change plans. So, even though the fair ended two weekends ago, they decided to stick around on the Fairgrounds all week and ended up putting on a four-day Topsham Family Fun Festival that ended yesterday. This seems to be the winning cause for the lights for a good chunk of Mainers.

"Topsham Fair...not a UFO. Fog mixing with the rides neon lights." - Reddit user 9inchbrowtine


"Fairground lights are definitely correct. Clearly not a camera effect. Although [aliens] would be more fun." - Reddit user BKofCountedSorrows

So, it seems like the winner is Topsham Fair lights -- or is it? Because one other suggestion came to light (no pun intended) further down in the comments section of the original post.

Springworks Farm

One other suggestion on what the lights could have been from has nothing to do with UFOs or fairs -- grow lights from Springworks Farm in Lisbon. According to Reddit user iseeu207, new LED lights were just installed at the farm for the greenhouses on-site, which cause the sky to be lit up in a purplish hue due to all of the purple LEDs. This would make sense in this picture taken in Lisbon by Reddit user mamatyty, but the original video doesn't look that purplish.

According to a Google search and Google Maps, Brunswick and Lisbon are about 20 minutes apart. while a different search has Brunswick and Topsham about 5 minutes apart. So, while the purple-lit sky from the Springworks Farm greenhouse lights look cool (and like something out of a Prince music video), it seems like the Topsham Fair lights are the winner here.

Unless, you know, the aliens are tricking us and starting to adapt their UFO lights to appear as lights from a fair...

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