Coming off the heels of UMaine 5th year player Blanca Millan making America East Conference history by being the first-ever female student-athlete to be named the #AEHoops Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year multiple times, Blanca can now call herself the Best in the World.

According to WABI TV 5, Blanca was just named the International Player of the Year by World Exposure Report, who consider athletes competing in all different levels of college basketball.

Will Blanca Millan play in the WNBA?

That's some pretty solid momentum for someone that could be drafted into the WNBA tomorrow night, as Blanca tossed her name into the draft hat after the Black Bears women's basketball team finished up their season earlier this year. According to the Bangor Daily News, only 36 players will be chosen during the draft tomorrow night, with there being 12 teams competing in three rounds.

Blanca told BDN that she thinks the odds are stacked against her with only 36 slots being filled, but like all smart student-athletes, she has a backup plan. If she's not picked up in the draft tomorrow night (which, to her credit, she's hired an agent who has been doing some leg work to get her name on teams' radars), she's hoping to at least score a tryout with a WNBA team. And even if THAT falls through, she'll head back across the globe to Europe (she's from Spain) to play for a pro team out there.

Here's hoping that tomorrow night, one of the WNBA teams are smart enough to realize Blanca is a BEAST on both sides of the ball and at some point during the draft, we hear, "With the next pick in the WNBA draft, we select UMaine superstar, Blanca Millan!" Go get 'em tomorrow night, B!

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