This year has officially been a tough one for chain restaurants in the state of Maine. Last week, Ruby Tuesday officially announced that it was closing 95 of it's restaurants nationwide due to a downswing in overall business. At the time, it was unknown if those closures would affect any of the restaurants operating in Maine.

According to Portland Press Herald, the hammer came down this weekend, with 3 of the Ruby Tuesday franchises closing in Maine, two in southern Maine. The most notable location will be the Maine Mall in South Portland, which serves as the only sit-down restaurant attached to the mall that isn't located in the food court. The Ruby Tuesday location in Biddeford has also been shut down for good.

As of right now, Ruby Tuesday locations in Auburn, Westbrook, and Topsham will remain open in southern Maine. The restaurant chain as a whole has been struggling, with a consistent decline in bottom line numbers despite an attempt to revamp their menu and appeal to new customers.

It's been an especially difficult year for chain restaurants in South Portland. The popular Bugaboo Creek also closed their doors earlier this year, leaving many employees without jobs. Are we seeing the beginning of the end for nationwide restaurant chains with similar menu options?