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Did any of these traumatize you as a kid?


Today on the HOM Morning Show for our You Tell Us segment, we asked our listeners, "What TV show or Movie traumatized you as a kid?"

I revealed that mine was the Incredible Hulk. I think that the original Hulk, played by Lou Ferigno, is way scarier than any of the CGI Hulks in the reboots. I was big, green, and reeeeally UGLY!!

Nikki's was the movie Charlotte's Web. She was so shaken up by the thought of Wilbur getting butchered, she didn't eat pork for years!!

We got lots of great call from listeners...Children of the Corn, IT, Misery, The Surfs (hahaha), and so many more.

Do you have a TV show or movie that freaked you out when you were a kid? Click below and leave a comment on our Facebook post!

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