After a beautiful fall, dreary winter, short spring, and fall again for whatever reason, summer has finally arrived on the Seacoast. If there’s sun, I’m pulling up to a table at The Beach Plum in North Hampton, New Hampshire.

Only I don’t go for quite the same menu items as most Plummers. Most grab a lobster roll and some ice cream, but my daughter and I only conform to one-half of that trope.

When we go, we order what has come to be known as the Sadie/Daddy. A truly bizarre mix that gets a lot of questions, comments, and strange looks.

The Sadie/Daddy is: an order of cheese nachos with salsa (and extra sour cream), two fruit-flavored Freezes, and then a chocolate ice cream (with chocolate sprinkles).

By now, employees start ringing up this strange trio as we approach. But it’s a shock to new employees; in fact, on our most recent visit, one could be heard saying, “Did they just order nachos??”

Yes, we did. At the Beach Plum.

We also ordered both ice cream and Freezes, enough chill to turn even the darkest eyes blue. But therein lies the benefit…

The Sadie/Daddy Combo at the Beach Plum is the comfort food version of going to the spa. The nachos are the massage, while the Freezes and ice cream only (soft)serve to heighten your senses.

Combined with the breezy salt air, the Sadie/Daddy Combo puts your body at ease before cleaning out your sinuses. For real! While I may feel a little stuffed upon finishing…I never feel stuffed-up.

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