Move over, Portland, there's another local culinary town that deserves recognition.

I'm talking about a town right down the road from Maine's largest city, an easy drive for essentially anyone in the Greater Portland region. It's time to give Westbrook's food scene some love.

Westbrook's culinary crusade has taken it to a level it has never reached before. The town has had so many new hot spots open that it feels like there's no stopping the momentum.

However, Westbrook also has its staples that have been around for decades. The kind of places that have helped pave this culinary path. It's seemingly a perfect mix.

One area where you find a great mix of this is on the ever-evolving Main Street. Just over the last 20 years it has seen significant redevelopment, which has allowed the town to make it much more attractive to local businesses and the public.

But Westbrook is more than just a street. You can find delicious restaurants, cafes, pizza shops, pubs, and diners in every neighborhood.

Westbook also boasts a wonderful variety of cuisines. This includes pub fare, Italian, Asian, Latin American, as well as very high-end bakeries and chocolatiers. This town has just about everything you would want from a culinary perspective.

With the town's reputation skyrocketing, it seems like a great time to highlight many of Westbrook's finest establishments. Below is a list of what this great city has to offer from a culinary standpoint. Hopefully this will be a great starting point for many into Westbrook's culinary world.

Hope you're hungry.

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