When he’s not on the football field, Tom Brady and his family set sail to tropical islands and lay anchor in exotic places on their multi-million-dollar yacht. Last year, they roughed it out in a measly $2 million boat, but Brady and his wife Giselle Bündchen upgraded to a six-million-dollar yacht this year called the Wajer-77, and he was the first in the world to do so.

When I have cash to burn, I go to Target. When Brady has cash to burn, he buys yachts. In 2020, he was traveling the seas in a Wajer 55 S high-end day cruiser. Remember when Brady threw the Lombardi trophy off his boat during the Post-Super Bowl Tampa Bay Buccaneer's championship boat parade? Yeah, that’s the Wajer 55.

It was reported that Brady called in during the announcement of the brand-new Wajer 77, saying, “I think the 77 will be a little more suited for what we need it for down here, which is a few more day trips and weekend trips.”

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Brady and Bündchen lovingly named their super-yacht Viva a Vida, which is Portuguese for “Live Life," the name of Gisele’s environmental organization. From the sounds of it, the GOAT is certainly living the life of luxury ever since he made the move to Tampa with his family.

The makers of the Wajer 77 describe the super yacht as the definition of luxury, with all the bells and whistles that a supermodel and superstar deserve.

Want to see how the other half lives? Let’s take a peek.

Look Inside Tom Brady's $6 Million Yacht

When he's not on the football field or breaking the hearts of his New England fans, Tom Brady can be found heading to the Caribbean on the Wajer 77 with his family. Let's take a look inside.

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