Dear Idiot,

And let me preface by saying I actually slightly feel bad for referring to you as simply "Idiot" due to their being enough hate/hateful people in the world that fling insults at least 10-times more than they change their underwear, but you really leave me no choice based on your actions.

I actually debated on whether or not I was going to even write this, but I figured it better for you to hear this now than before it's too late.

Look, I get that the weather was unseasonably amazing for mid-November and in the mid-to-upper 60s, and when us New Englanders deal with colder weather then get a burst of warmth, we thrive and live our best lives. So you took your bike out for quite possibly the last ride you'll get with it until next spring -- I don't fault you for that.

But what I fault you for is at some point between the Walmart Distribution Center and the Riverbend Marketplace on Route 107 in Raymond, when you had the bright idea to pop a wheelie with tons of traffic both behind you and coming at you -- what went through your mind other than something that clearly sounded as idiotic as this looks:

"BuT i CoUlD lOoK sO cOoL oN mY bIkE!"

I'm all about having fun and enjoying life, and not to sound like a fun sponge (someone who sucks all the fun out of everything, in case you were wondering), but what if you lost control, all-star? What if something unexpected happened and your bike got away from you, and the car following behind you couldn't stop in time and hit you? And your out of control bike hit someone coming from the other way?

All because you wanted to look or feel cool. Newsflash -- ruining other peoples' lives because you're selfish isn't cool. Maybe think about that next time before you try something like that again and put lives at risk.

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