Many Americans have been making huge sacrifices during this pandemic. A study conducted by OnePoll via SWNS Digital suggests that we have cut back or given up luxury items such as chocolate and ice cream and streaming services in order to save money. While millions of people are struggling to pay their bills, there is one extravagance some people refuse to forgo -- buying lottery tickets.

A few Mainers got really lucky last month, when they were playing the Maine Lottery, according to WMTW. Mark Ramsdell, who is from Hebron, reportedly bought a "$50,000,000 Cash Blowout" ticket for $25, and won a million dollars. That is a whole lot of cha-ching for just 25 bucks.

Two other men from Maine also played the Maine Lottery, and won a nice bundle of cash, as per WMTW. The news station says Craig Anton of Biddeford won $500 thousand, and Paul Desrosiers, who is also from Biddeford, won $250 thousand. It would be nice to be in their shoes right now. Let's hope they spend it wisely.

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