There are so many ways to get your 'Camp On' here in Maine and New Hampshire. There is no lack of beautiful nature, and camping is what you do in the summer. Now, there are all sorts of different ways to set up your camps, it's about personal preference. You could be the type that likes to 'rough it', and just use a small pop up tent. Or, for the lazy people, there is 'luxury camping' where you use a sweet RV or have someone else set up a fancy tent for you that looks like a hotel. Yes, it's a thing now. So, which are you?

Now, blow up your camping traditions, and check out this new tent invention. To me, a hammock is heaven to be in. So, how about a tent, that is an over sized hammock, and, convenient to set up? After you see this tent, you are gonna run out and get one for sure! The future of camping is here!

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