York High-Speed Toll

If you were driving up or down the Turnpike in Southern Maine this morning any time after midnight, you noticed one massive change that took place -- the brand new high-speed toll in York is finally officially open, ending the 50+ year run of the existing toll plaza just over a mile away from it.

For over 5 decades, we've been well-trained to make sure we slow down to 10 mph as we either exchange cash for entrance further up the Turnpike or crawl through the E-Z Pass lanes of the original toll plaza. And that's something we'll still need to do in the interim, regardless of the new high-speed toll being open.

York Toll Plaza Deconstruction

According to Channel 8 WMTW, the dismantling of the old toll plaza will begin immediately and be done in a three-part process that looks like it should be completed by October 2022. During that 13-month stretch, though, the speed limit around the old plaza will remain enforced at 10 mph. And although it's not a guarantee, it wouldn't necessarily be a surprise if there was high police activity in that area in the meantime.

Just something to keep in mind once you cross the Piscataqua River Bridge and head up toward and passed Kittery cruising at (probably a bit faster than) the posted 70 mph limit as you approach York. Piece by piece the old plaza may slowly disappear, and there may be lane changes, but just because we'll gradually see more and more open road by the old plaza doesn't mean we can keep the pedal to the medal at 70+ the whole time.

Unless we feel like donating a good chunk of our checking and savings accounts to Maine State Police, as well as our free time. According to Driving Laws, driving 30 mph or higher over the speed limit in Maine is a Class E crime and could land you up to six months in jail, up to $1,000 in fines, and a suspended license.

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