When Karen Goldberg went out to get her mail at the neighborhood mailbox in South Portland, she saw a sign had been posted on the box directed toward dog owners and wasn't too pleased with the message.

Karen Goldberg
Karen Goldberg

The unknown author posted the sign that reads:

Just a friendly neighborhood reminder to please try to keep your dogs from barking.

Whether early in the morning when the paper carrier delivers or in the evening when we are trying to get our kids to bed, the noise is very disruptive and once one dog starts it gets the rest of the dogs going.

Please be considerate of others that may want to sleep or relax without this disruption. We really don't want to get the police involved in this matter.

Thank you!

The sign rubbed some people, including Karen, the wrong way. She and her family are new to the neighborhood, so she feels this may be directed at her.

South Portland isn't exactly a rural town and there are a lot of people in this neighborhood. She feels handling it like this is a bit passive aggressive, and feels dogs barking in a neighborhood is a common occurrence during the daytime. The person who posted the sign clearly wants it stopped without having to involve the police.

What do you think? Should this have been handled differently? Can the police really do anything? Are barking dogs a common occurrence in your neighborhood? How is it dealt with where you live? Let us know in the comment section below or on our Facebook page.


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