Vanity plates are an interesting thing. Some are just hilarious, some are clever, some try and push the envelope, and some are personal identifiers. No matter the purpose of having them, one thing is undeniable -- they stand out, and they stand out loudly.

And no vanity plate may stand out more than the one that this Granite Stater decided to get the last time they had to register their car, for no other reason than it's been a very controversial, topical stance for a while now.

WTF New Hampshire. from r/newhampshire

Now, there's no denying that everyone is going to feel some kind of way about this plate. Some people probably agree, some people probably disagree, some people probably are rolling their eyes, and some people probably just don't care.

And sure, when Reddit user zdiggler posted this photo, there was the response you'd expect with flip comments in either support or against the plate, but the comments section also got SUPER creative:

SRTie4k: "I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they're saying 'No More K' in Spanish." ("No Mas" in Spanish means "No More")

totallynotrossolini: "No more massachusettssk?" (Doesn't exactly work with the placement, but A for effort for sure!)

cooperationisgood: "It's French. Nom (name) + Ask = Ask My Name." (Can you imagine? People thinking this driver is making a political statement, but really just trying to make human connections?)

malisc140: "Poor No Man's Sky player. They've suffered so." ("No Man's Sky" is a survival exploration video game.)

PushingUpTulips: "Nome, Alaska? Nom-ask. Maybe they miss their home." (And like Bon Jovi once said -- who says you can't go home?)

The most repeated comment in the thread, though, isn't actually tearing this person apart for their political beliefs, or backing them up. It's more about the shock that someone would spend the extra money to get a vanity plate to make this statement.

A lot of references to, "That's a lot of money for something that probably won't make sense or matter in a year." And the ever-popular -- "Wouldn't a bumper sticker have been cheaper?"

Probably, but to each their own!

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