We are so fortunate to have so many fantastic ski mountains within driving distance. Some have a rich history and have served as winter playgrounds for New Englanders for generations.

Pats Peak in Henniker just celebrated their 60th anniversary this past January. That's a pretty monumental milestone.

The mountain is owned by the same family that owned it in 1963.

They got a 60 foot long cake to celebrate 60 amazing years. Lori, the Sales and Marketing Director at the mountain, told me that every last slice was eaten! They even ran out.

Speaking of sweet treats at this mountain, did you know they are famous for their massive cookies? I was there helping to promote their upcoming Vertical Challenge event, and they sent me home with this big boy:

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I looked into it further, and found an article from 2016 in the Concord Monitor that highlights the Pats Peak tradition. According to the article, the cookie dates back to the opening of the ski mountain back in 1963. However, it has evolved throughout the decades. The famous cookie we know and love today is an M&M cookie, but it didn't start out that way. It was just a plain chocolate chip cookie for many years. The cookie proceeded to get bigger and bigger until it landed on the size it is today.

The exact recipe is a Pats Peak secret, but we do know they are baked from scratch, no mixes! And they only bake six cookies per pan to maximize size. Also, the cookies are slightly undercooked, so they are gooey, chewy, and soft in all their ginormous cookie glory. I would venture to guess that the PATS PEAK Famous M&M cookie is probably the number one menu item they sell at the Tradewinds Café.


Even if you aren't a winter sports enthusiast, a trip to Pats Peak this season is necessary so you can try this New Hampshire delicacy before the season ends!

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