It's always a sure sign that spring/summer is upon us when Old Orchard Beach wakes up from its winter hibernation. The signs of life are already showing, and that includes at Palace Playland where they shared a photo on Facebook of one of their new arcade games that will be featured for the 2019 season.

If you confused as to what you're looking at, it's only one of the greatest arcade mashups of all-time. The classic game Connect Four has been a favorite for decades and when it was transformed into a huge arcade game, it instantly became popular. Arcade shootouts have always been a big hit so it makes sense to combine the two and let the magic happen. Two sets of skills will be required to win a game of Connect Four Hoops, can you shoot and can you out-think your opponent? We like it.

Palace Playland is also promising so other new games to keep their longstanding arcade fresh for another season. By the way, the Palace Playland arcade in Old Orchard Beach is open throughout school vacation week in case you want to beat the huge crowds and live your best video game life.


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