Walking into work this morning, I assumed the broken glass in the front door of our building was vandalized in the night, but the truth is much scarier.

Usually when I come to work Mike the security guard is calmly seated behind the front desk. He always says hello when I walk in and I say hello back and we go about our day.

But this morning when I arrived at the station, Mike was outside talking to police and there were two bullet holes in the front doors to the entrance of One City Center.


Mike being interviewed by Channel 6 News


Merely 10 minutes before Aj and I arrived a man in a hoodie was loitering in front of the building. Mike went outside to ask him to move along and that's when the guy shot at him 4 times.

Miraculously the bullets missed sending 2 into the glass doors of our building, but what Mike did next was truly amazing.

Instead of running (which is absolutely what I would have done) he rushed the guy, punched him in the face and chased him down Congress Street all while dialing the police.

The Shooter was apprehended and everyone is ok, and the City of Portland has a new Hero. Thanks Mike!!

Mike Conicelli, Portland's Newest Hero!