You know that song "That's What I Love About Sunday's"? It's missing something that truly makes a Sunday well spent; BRUNCH.

There is something heavenly about waking up whenever your little heart desires. Then when you feel up for it, you mosey over to your favorite restaurant. If that restaurant has a BRUNCH BUFFET, I may post up there and stay all BLOODY day.

See what I did there?

I have yet to experience Brunch at the Foundry Restaurant in Manchester but I heard it's like dying and going to Brunch heaven. They have everything from homemade cinnamon rolls, omelettes, even oysters! If you're craving it, chances are it's part of the spread at the Foundry.

Wash down all of that goodness with one of their signature cocktails!

Every other day they open their doors at 4pm but Sundays are special. Sunday is God's day, and think we all know that God loves brunch. Check out the Sunday Brunch Extravaganza at the Foundry, doors open at 10am!

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