Can we seriously PLEASE give props to The Red Barn Restaurant in Augusta for thinking WAY outside of the box (the throne? the roll? the bathroom?) with this one?

When the new COVID restrictions came down for Maine, they decided to go all out, and according to a report from Channel 8 WMTW, bought over 500 rolls of toilet paper. No, not to horde -- to give away. But not in just any normal way -- oh no, it's coming as a side when you order a specific meal.

Every single customer who buys a Family Meal will be given a free roll of toilet paper. Which, I mean, I don't think I could keep a straight face, honestly. "Ok, here are your 2 pints of chicken, your 2 large orders of fries, your 4 dinner rolls, your pint of cole slaw, and your 2-liter drink! OH! AND DON'T FORGET YOUR FREE 2-PLY, TOO!"

I make it sound like I'm making fun of it, but I swear I'm not. Think about everything we went through earlier this year when you literally COULD. NOT. FIND. any toilet paper anywhere at some stores. Add to it the fact that we all hated each other if anyone posted a picture on social media with a car full of TP being all WE HIT THE JACKPOT, LOOK AT US! It's just a way to have a little fun and put some kind of positive spin on a year that's been absolutely bananas.

But I think the BEST part of The Red Barn Restaurant closing down for the season on November 22? Well, it's not the part that they're actually closing for the season, it's the fact that they're still going to be giving back to the public. For a bit now during the pandemic, according to Channel 8 WMTW's report, they've been making deliveries to local nursing homes. How AMAZING is that?

The Red Barn Restaurant told Channel 8 WMTW that they plan on opening ASAP when the new season rolls around, and they'll keep everyone updated on their Facebook page. Good on The Red Barn Restaurant for having some fun and doing some good while their season comes to an end. LOVE when good people do good things.

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