I was driving up to camp with my dad one day heading to Hebron when he pulled into a dirt parking lot next to an old warehouse and barn. As an excavator, he’s always brought my brother and me to weird random places to pick up parts or whatnot, so I didn’t question it.

He hopped out of the truck and looked at me with an “are you coming?” stare, so I hobbled down out of the truck and followed him inside. I thought I was about to be bored out of my mind in some stuffy musty building for work but to my surprise, I ended up having to get dragged out of there later just to get me back to the truck.

What I found inside was one of the greatest flea markets I’ve ever stumbled across.

The Willows Flea Market

The secret treasure of Mechanic Falls, Maine is The Willows Flea Market. I live an hour away and have made the trek multiple times since this first visit to peruse the four floors of incredibly unique items.

There’s a large barn with three floors and a one-floor small barn filled to the brim with any item you could ever think of, both old and new. According to their website, they have more than 250 artisans and vendors selling things at their market.

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I was blown away and still am when I go back. They have records and letters from the 1800s, movies you wouldn’t remember until you saw the VHS in front of you, barely used L.L. Bean hiking boots for 20 bucks, clothes, sporting goods, kitchenware, antiques, paintings, instruments, you name it, they have it.

They have something for everyone, so I even did all my Christmas shopping right under those two roofs. You can’t necessarily go there looking for something specific. It's sort of like when you go thrift shopping; you just have to let the right item jump out at you.

This is the type of place that could turn me into a hoarder. I pick up an iced coffee, hit the road, get to my market, pop in my headphones, and take my sweet, sweet time going through every corner and crevice of the building. It’s seriously addicting!

If you haven’t checked it out, I promise it’s worth a drive.

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