It's a really interesting time to be a customer of any place, mainly food service. Unfortunately, most places are usually short-staffed, which lends itself to possibly deal with a lot of customer service issues due to burnt-out staffers dealing with nonstop staffers.

And if that's the case at Thrive Juice Bar in Hampstead, New Hampshire -- if those staffers are in fact burnt-out and overworked due to being short-staffed like tons of other places across the country, you wouldn't know it based on this recent customer service experience.

A recent post in the Merrimack Valley Eats group on Facebook by a woman named Krissi OMeara highlights just how above and beyond a couple of Thrive Juice Bar employees went for her. According to Krissi, she was given a $15 gift card to Thrive Juice Bar that she recently went to use. She notes that she never took it out of the envelope upon receiving it, and in fact, the envelope still had the receipt in it.

For whatever reason, when "the young girl" (Krissi's description of the employee waiting on her) tried to ring up her purchase, there was an issue with the gift card and it was coming back as having no balance. After multiple attempts, Krissi paid for her purchase out-of-pocket and was about to go on about her day when something unexpected happened.

"One of the other girls, (either teenage or young 20’s) came over and said let me call the owner to see what we can do. I said, 'No no please don’t worry about it, you never know what could’ve happened originally and I don’t want to make a big deal of it.' She said, 'No, we want to make it right.' She called the owner and in a few minutes brought over a new $15 gift card for us. In my opinion, to find a young girl with that type of customer service is rare."

Krissi said she felt the need to publicly praise and recognize the way not only the employees, but the owner of Thrive Juice Bar, too, handled the entire situation and went on to say that "you don’t always have to make a huge stink out of something and complain to get things accomplished."

Businesses, whether you're local or chain, take note. THIS is how you do customer service right and have your business spread through word of mouth through incredible customer service experiences. That said, we as customers also need to recognize that businesses are under a tremendous amount of stress right now with the lack of staff across the board, so if we behave similarly to Krissi, both the customer and employee win.

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