There are so many things we learned and did in school that children of this generation will never experience. Take potato art, for example. When I was in kindergarten, I remember using half of a raw potato and different colors of paint to make pictures. It was fun and it stimulated my creativity.

We asked our listeners to tell us about stuff they learned when they were kids that seem to be forgotten, like lost memories. Here are nine of those things:

(1) Chalk boards and erasers. Kids would have to take turns clapping the erasers to remove all the chalk dust. Sometimes, teachers would punish students by making them do this.

(2) Looking things up in an encyclopedia or dictionary.

(3) Typing classes. Kids seem to know how to type before they even start school, thanks to technology they have at home.

(4) Home economics where students are taught how to cook, sew, and balance checkbooks. Is this class even taught anymore?

(5) Covering your hands/fingers with glue just for the thrill of peeling it off. I used to make fake nails with glue, using the groove of a ruler; and then, I would put them on and wear them.

(6) Dodge ball and Red Rover. Remember going outside at recess to play these games?

(7) Book covers to protect our books from wear and tear.

(8) Overhead projectors. The sound of these machines was so soothing. It would lull me to sleep.

(9) Not having a cell phone.

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