Most people got to have today off, or at least work from home. Not these people!

Today on the HOM Morning Show, Nikki and I were talking about the impending blizzard, and how many people in the office would be working from home today. However, the two of us had to come in, because we're considered "essential employees."

We wondered how many people were actually on their way into work today, despite the huge snowstorm on it's way.

So we opened up the phones for a roll call, to see who was on their way into work, and what sort of "essential employee" job they have.

The phones rang non-stop! We found comfort in learning that we weren't the only ones that had to work this morning. Here are a few examples of people who called in:

Letter Carriers

They're always working, no matter what. Many people rely on getting their mail on time. Whether we're waiting on a package, a check, or any other important piece of mail, we know the Post Office is always consistent. "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

Supermarket Employees

Supermarkets were quite busy today, full of people that didn't make it there yesterday to pick up their bread, milk, and maybe Allen's Coffee Brandy!

Hospitality Workers

Hotels always have guests, maybe even more so in the midst of a storm of this magnitude. And they need people to maintain the grounds, to ensure a pleasant stay.


Caregivers are some of the most essential employees around. People who need 24/7 care don't stop needing it when there's a big storm. So the people helping them don't get a break.

Those are just a few of the many people we heard from this morning. If you want to leave your essential employee job to our list, head to our Facebook page and leave a comment on the post.

Essential workers, we salute you!


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