It's unknown exactly where in Maine this happened, but the world may be better for it.

Over the weekend, Reddit user cminormitch posted a picture of what looks like a random dirt parking lot in Maine with a Jeep and a Mazda Miata right next to each other. But it's not the type of cars that were the focus of the picture -- but instead, the amazing vanity plates instead (which is one of the epic things Maine is known for.)

If you look closely, there's actually someone sitting in the driver's seat of the Miata. So, at first glance, it's possible that the person taking the picture belongs to the Jeep, which would make this whole situation planned.

But there's also the chance that maybe the person taking the picture is a passenger from the Mazda Miata, and they happened to come across this Jeep and realized what a fantastic photo op this whole situation brought on.

Regardless of what the backstory is, sometimes it's the simplest things like this one picture that can totally change someone's day around and put them in good spirits and make them laugh. Or it can highlight the fact that never mentally growing up is one of the most fun ways to live.

Have you ever come across two vanity plates that create a funny phrase like this picture?

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