If you live in the Pine Tree State then you've likely tried your hand at some kind of backyard growing. Most people have anyway.

My wife and I have had a raised vegetable garden in our backyard for a couple of years now and it always seems to do pretty well. Well, except that the cucumbers always turn out yellow and the carrots never actually grow to any substantial size. But we get 1,437,862,364 green beans so that must mean we're wicked good farmers.

Anyway, I digress as is typical for me, but the photo you're looking at didn't actually come from our garden. A friend of mine, and teacher at China Primary School, posted this photo on Facebook the other day of a couple of carrots she plucked from her garden at home. Instantly I thought she could probably preserve these and sell them for millions.


As her caption on FB indicated, Melissa Goseline says that these carrots actually look like a mother and her child wrapped in a warm embrace. And ya know what, it really does!

I think this could be like the toast that looks like Jesus... someone will want this, right? And they'll want to pay big money for it. So we're going to open the bidding at $2,500.00 and work our way up from there. Obviously Melissa will make most of the money because she grew this art, though I'll be taking 20% of the final proceeds as my carrot commission.

Whoops... she just texted me that she ate them. Never mind, the auction is off.

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9 Jomar Lane, Augusta Maine, 04330

An Augusta Maine home for sale with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an in-ground pool for less than $200K

9 Jomar Lane, Augusta Maine, 04330

An Augusta Maine home for sale with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an in-ground pool for less than $200K

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