Alright, this writer's gonna be transparent here: she doesn't know the first thing about camping. Spending time in or near society with a roof and walls around you and a comfy bed to sleep in sounds more appealing than pitching a tent.

Regardless, whether you like camping or not, you know that there's no shortage of people here in New England who thrive when packing their bags and driving off to spend a weekend away from society and immersed in nature.

Camping is an extremely popular hobby among Granite Staters. Our coworker, Logan, made a list of the camping necessities you'll need before your next excursion into the wild. Whether you're an amateur or expert, everyone needs a reminder sometimes, right? The Dyrt, a website for all things camping, also posted a list of the Top 10 Best Places to Camp in New England, and gave the title of #1 to Dry River Campground up in the White Mountains.

On the topic of campgrounds, where else are all these folks going camping? We're sure there are plenty of locations across the state that people enjoy visiting, but what are the most popular ones? Well, we took to Facebook to ask all you campers out there, and you told us about some of your favorite local campgrounds.

So, let's take a look at what they are.

12 of the Best Campgrounds in New Hampshire

Want an extra unique experience? This camping spot features a tipi, pizza oven patio, and library. Does it get any better than that?

Want a Unique Camping Stay? This New England Spot Features a Tipi, Pizza Oven Patio and Library

A unique camping stay with cool features, this Hipcamp spot borders New Hampshire and Massachusetts. For more info, click here.

Must Bring Camping Items for your New Hampshire and Maine Camping Trips

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