Wouldn't it be cool to spend Halloween at The Witch House in Salem, Massachusetts?

The Witch House is Salem's last remaining structure (that's still standing) with direct ties to the 17th century witch trials, according to it's official website. It was the home of Judge Jonathon Corwin. History buffs should know Corwin has ties to Maine and New Hampshire as he was sent on a fact-finding mission during the Indian wars in 1690, according to journalist Rebecca Beatrice Brooks. Corwin was also a judge in what I consider to be a dark and shameful part of U.S. history, the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

The Witch House is now a museum that is popular year round. I imagine it really peaks the interest of tourists during the Halloween season.

Here's how The Witch House describes the tour:

Through examination of family life, architecture and furniture of the seventeenth century, visitors gain a deeper comprehension of the people involved in the Witch Trials…

The museum remains open until November 15th. There are special Halloween events such as "Tales at the Witch House," which sell out very quickly.

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