Do you have a favorite fried clam place? I found two places that were delicious, can you top them? 

Newicks in Dover, N.H. - These golden fried crumb covered deductibles were mouth watering and not too greasy. They were right out of the fryer and coupled with the creamy rich and tangy taste of tarter sauce made my toes curl.

The Two Best Places i've had Fried Clams this Summer

Bayhaven, Cornish, Maine - Although not as crispy or golden, these fresh from the boat clams were tender and just as delicious. The portion was well worth the money. Fried clams are expensive but both places were (in my opinion) well worth it.

Here's a list from Trip Advisor on the area's top places for fried clams, some I've never even heard of before.

Do you have a favorite place to grab fried clams? I want to try it! Comment below...



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