Even though, thanks to social media, we are all way more connected with each other than we ever have been, many people still suffer from a profound level of loneliness.  We may be talking with each other nearly nonstop, but are we really together?

Recently, Cheapism put together a list of the loneliest states in America.  And, it may come as a surprise to many people, Maine topped the list.


It appears their methodology was based on the number (percentage) of people in a state living alone.  They also, it appears, looked at how many people were divorced and widowed.

Their research found that nearly 32% of Mainers live in "single person households".  That is, they don't live with a significant other, family members, or roommates.  They also found that 6.5% of Mainers were widowed and 14% of Maine residents were divorced.

Basically, they are judging how lonely people are based on whether or not they have someone living with them.

Other states topping the list include Florida (in 2nd place), Ohio, New Mexico, and Vermont.


When it comes to Maine topping the list, I have to disagree.  Just because someone lives alone it does not mean they are lonely.  One of the great things about the State of Maine is community oriented we are.  The entire state is one small town.  It doesn't matter whether you live in Bangor, Augusta, Portland, Lewiston / Auburn, or Gardiner, you will quickly make friends and connect with people.

Also, and I believe a lot of people will agree with this based on first hand experience, just because you live with someone it does not mean you don't feel lonely.

What do you think?  Do you agree?  Let us know by sending a message through our app.

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