Bangor resident and Maine Author, Stephen King, is known for his horror fiction writing. Many of his novels have been turned into movies.

One of Stephen King's most iconic books and films is The Shining, a psychological horror about a writer that is driven mad after checking into an isolated and empty (or supposedly empty) hotel with his family.

Jack Nicholson, plays the iconic role, in the film adaption, of the writer known as Jack (also known as John) Torrance. I highly doubt anyone that has seen the movie will ever forget the phrases "Redrum," "Here's Johnny," or "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

According to Independent, it actually took three days and 60 doors to get the shot of Jack Nicholson chopping down the door.

Well, Johnny (Jack) is coming back, but not for a movie remake (thankfully). According to Consequence Film, "The Shining" will be taking the stage for a theatrical adaption that will start on London’s West End next January. This is definitely going to be different, but interesting nonetheless.

The real question is who can fill Jack Nicolson's part? According to Screen Crush, Ben Stiller is in talks to play the role. Now, I don't know about you, but I see Ben Stiller to be more of a comedic actor and question how well he can portray the insanity that takes over Jack Torrance. Honestly, whenever I hear "Ben Stiller," my mind immediately goes to his famous "Blue Steel" face from Zoolander.

However, there was one episode of Friends, where Ben Stiller did become a tad bit serious and "scary," when playing Tommy.

If Stiller does get the role, it will not be his first time on the stage. According to Broadway World, Stiller has been on Broadway in the 1986 production of The House of Blue Leaves and returned to the play for its revival in 2011.

I will admit, I really want to see an audition tape for Ben Stiller's audition for The Shining. I hope that it will eventually leave London and come to New England, especially since the author, Stephen King, does reside here (it only seems fair).

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