For about the last 5 years now, almost 7-letter word or phrase has been seen on license plates across the State of Maine. That's because Maine relaxed their previously tightened rules on what residents could place on their plates. In the beginning, people found the profane nature of the vanity plates to comical, but as the years have droned on, the comedy of seeing expletives splattered across license plates in parking lots and on highways has lost its humor for many and changes may be coming.

Reddit via kazaskie

According to WMTW, State Senator Bill Diamond of Windham has proposed a bill that would reinstate discretionary restrictions on vanity plates in Maine. It would allow the Maine Secretary of State's office to once again reject plates that contain vulgar phrases, sexual innuendo or references to drugs. As the law stands now, the Secretary of State's office can only reject plates it deems to be hate speech or that could incite violence.

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The bill will be presented to the Maine State Legislature when the new session begins on December 2nd. If passed, there would be a date put in place where vanity plates that violate the new standards would have to be changed by. That means vanity plates like this one shared on Reddit (NSFW) would be a no-go in Maine.

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