Think you know the correct way to say these Northern New England town names?

Today on the HOM Morning Show, we asked our listeners to tell us the town names in Northern New England that people mispronounce the most.

It turns out there are many town names that people argue over the correct way to pronounce! We had quite a few people weigh in on Facebook as well. Here are a few examples:

People often say's actually KENNY-bunk

Unlike the German capital, the New Hampshire town is pronounced BER-lin, not ber-LIN.

Here's another one unlike it's overseas counterpart. Lebanon, NH and Lebanon, ME are pronounced LEB-a-nin, not LEB-a-non.

Apparently some people have pronounced this one LOY-ist-on. The right way to say it is LEW-ist-on.

This one makes me chuckle a bit. If you're saying BANG-er, you're doing it wrong. BANG-or.

Hard to believe some people get this's SAH-co, not SAY-co.

It looks like it could be TOP-sham, but it's actually TOP-sum.

Another one that should be a no-brainer, but some people have been heard pronouncing this one quite literally - ports-MOUTH. Most people know it's actually ports-MUTH.

New Hampshire pronounces it's capital "conquered"...unlike some other Concords in the country, who pronounce it con-CORD.

I'm still not 100% sure about this one. It seems most people say BOS-ca-win, although I've also heard BOSC-wine and BOSCA-wine.

I think it sounds ridiculous when people say wind-HAM, but some people insist that's proper way, rather than WIND-um, which I'm sticking with

BONUS: Kangamangus
Not a town, but rather a highway...this is probably the most contentiously debated in the Granite State. kang-ga-MANG-gus, or kang-ga-MU-nas? You decide!



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