This beautiful manor home in Bath is unlike any home we have ever seen in Maine. It's right out of Jane Austen or Downton Abbey! You could be the Lord or Lady of this beautiful property that is for sale now for $1.3 million. The address of this incredibly unique home is 40 Whiskeag Road.

From the property listing from Sotheby's:

" amazing private park-like setting of walled gardens, long romantic hedgerows and English follies that spill down to forests, waving fields of Timothy hay and fully equipped barns -- all adjacent to some 300 acres of trails in the Thorne Head and Sewall Woods Preserves. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset from Governor William King's original hilltop Gothic manor -- made of foot-thick granite blocks -- and know you are a steward of one of Maine's most important historic homes."

This home is not for everyone, but it certainly is right up someone's alley. And considering how nuts home prices are in Maine right now, the 1.3 million dollars is not totally crazy. This might not be the kind of home where you get the whole gang over to watch the Patriots, but if you like tea time, horses, and a little bit of the English countryside, then we say you go for it! Take a look at these photos. Would you ever guess that this place was in Maine?

$1.3 Million Manor House in Bath, Maine

Photos from this amazing Manor House in Bath. The butler is not included!


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