So as winter takes a toll on all of us mentally, it's sometimes easy to forget about how much winter can take a toll on all the roads we drive on. That includes places of business, where parking lots and drive-thru lanes can see heavy wear and tear. Potholes become inevitable and usually, are patched and filled pretty quickly. That's why is was so surprised for people to see the Burger King location in Biddeford fixing their potholes in a very unique way....with cardboard and duct tape.

Reddit via SeawolfGaming
Reddit via SeawolfGaming

Shared on Reddit by SeawolfGaming, it's kind of amazing to see cardboard duct taped down to any pavement, let alone in a busy business parking lot. Most of the commenters had the same question we had, how is this even working? Somehow the duct tape is surviving the moisture and somehow the cardboard is firm enough to survive cars driving over it. HOW IS THIS WORKING?

This seems so easy to poke fun at but...maybe Burger King is ahead of the curve when it comes to fixing potholes in the dead of winter. Perhaps we've been doing it wrong all along, trying ti work hot tar into frozen areas when all we really needed was a few solid pieces of cardboard and a roll of duct tape. The things you learn during a harsh Maine winter...

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