Smells are everywhere. I honestly think that all New Englanders at one point or another have visited the Museum of Science in Boston, MA, where either their parents or teachers forced them to smell animals. Yes, you read that correctly. There is actually a section in the Museum of Science where you are able to smell animal's scents (bears, moose, birds, and more).

Smell is an amazing sense that can bring back some positive memories. Like a time at summer camp, the time you caught your first fish, or even memories of family members that passed away.

A scent does not have to bring back a memory for it to be your favorite though. To be honest, my favorite scent doesn't bring back any memories, and when I tell people what it is, I always get a weird look. It is not like my favorite scent is something super weird, it may just what I call it.

Personally, my favorite scent is "Burning Rome." See, sounds bad doesn't it! However if you have ever ridden Spaceship Earth at EPCOT in Walt Disney World, then you may know the scent that I am talking about. Maybe only Disney addicts know the smell that I am talking about.

Everyone has a favorite smell, I feel like everyone loves the smell of fresh baked cookies, but I chose to set out on a mission to find the top 25 smells that Mainers like.

Maine is home to some beautiful beaches, tasty bakeries, a plethora of breweries, and more. But, the results are in for what Mainers really enjoy smelling.

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