With all of the changes that the United States has seen over the last few years, maybe you've been thinking about making a chance to your living situation.  Maybe you want to move out of your expensive town and move to a more affordable nearby town.

We want to help with your search!

Home Snacks has put out a list of the most affordable towns and cities to live in Maine.

The Most Affordable Towns & Cities In Maine

Home Snacks has put out a list of the most affordable towns and cities in the State of Maine.

As you can see, while many of these places are in Central Maine and Eastern Maine, these cheapest towns are spread out all over the state.

Most of the state is represented...  Not all, though.

Not surprisingly, there were no southern coastal towns or cities on the list.  These Portland suburbs, and tourist towns, tend to be some of the most expensive places in the state.  Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, and Old Orchard Beach, for example.

One of the interesting things their researchers found was that the cheapest towns and cities to live in Maine were also some of the safest.  This is most likely due to the fact that the cheapest towns were also the smallest.  These cheapest places are the kind of towns where people take the time to learn their neighbor's names and watch out for each other.

What other towns and cities do you think need to be on the list?  What are we missing?  Let us know by sending an email, messaging us through our app, or messaging us on Facebook.  We want to know what you think.

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