This morning in Portland as we started our day at 5:30, we saw the temperature here via WMTW news: -11.

While that sounds VERY cold, we knew that there were some nearby communities that were even colder. So we asked listeners to head to our Facebook page, and post a screenshot of the temperature in their town.

The "winning" low temperatures? We got a few that said -26, in Waterford, ME and Conway, NH.

In Belgrade, ME it got all the way down to -28.

But the coldest temperature we heard about this morning, submitted by Jaye Lowe, was -29 in Norridgewock, ME. WOW!!!

Now, the "winner" of this isn't actually a winner at all, are they? See our Facebook post below for all of the screenshots we received this morning.

Oh, and don't expect it to warm up anytime soon. WMTW says to expect more negative temperatures, with highs barely getting out of the teens for the next ten days.

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