Townsquare Media Portland and Portsmouth is focused on local, investing in and concentrating on all the people, places, events and stories in the area.

In fact, the company behind local radio stations Q97.9, 102.9 WBLM, 94.9 HOM94.3 CYY 97.5 WOKQ and 102.1 & 105.3 The Shark publishes more than 34 local articles per day on average — all of which are offered for free and centered on our Maine, New Hampshire and New England communities.

Townsquare employs 17 local content creators who live in Maine and New Hampshire and cover everything from local news stories to weather updates to business openings and closings to entertainment features to unique and interesting things you never even knew existed in New England.

Our content is featured on our radio stations, our websites, our social media pages, and our free apps so you stay up to date and in the know with everything that's happening in our area.

We are all about connecting with our community every day, so if you want to get to know our DJs and contributing writers who love and live in New England like you, check them out below.

Meet Townsquare Media Portland and Portsmouth Contributors

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