Christmas Shopping

Where to Hide Christmas Presents!
As my kids get older and more savvy, hiding birthday and holiday presents has become very challenging. They can now disable the eye-hook lock at the top of my "Prize Closet" door. Last year a friend of mine offered to keep them at her house because of the snooping that was goi…
Meaning of Christmas
I like to take my Nephews and Niece out on special one on one fun runs. We sometimes go out for an ice cream, dinner or a trip to Toys R Us to dream. Here's a place I had never been to.
Ugly Sweaters in Nick of Time
As if the holidays weren't hectic enough with Thanksgiving right on the doorstep and this crazy thing called Christmas shopping that's on a mission to devour our sanity. If you still need an ugly holiday sweater to come to our Ugly Sweater Party in Portland on Dec. 5, there is one store th…