Pet Whisperer at HOM
Animal Communicator Sara Moore of Enlightened Horizons continues to amaze 94.9 HOM listeners with her ability to communicate with our furry friends. She helps people deal with ill pets, misbehaving felines and the loss of beloved pets.
Unlocking Pet Concerns
Animal communicator Sara Moore from Enlightened Horizons  returned to the 94.9 HOM airwaves to help listeners with their pet issues. In some cases, it was the people with the issues. And there's a spooky story behind this photo.
What's Your Pet Thinking?
"Animal Medium," "Pet Person" and "Animal Lady." Those are some of the names that people call Animal Communicator, Sara Moore of Enlightened Horizons. Whatever she is called, people love to talk to her about their pets on the 94.9 HOM Morning Sho…
Pet Whisperer in the News
Popular 94.9 HOM Morning Show guest Sara Moore has caught the attention of Susan Kimball at the Portland Press Herald. Susan did a behind the scenes look at Sara and her work as an animal communicator.
Learning to Talk with the Animals [AUDIO]
What's your pet saying? Animal communicator, Sara Moore of Enlightened Horizons has a pretty good idea. The popular 94.9 HOM Morning Show guest had the phones ringing with advice and answers to listeners' questions about their pets.
Need Pet Advice?
Our pets are part of the family. But, it's not always easy to understand what they want from us or what their needs are. Animal communicator Sara Moore of Enlightened Horizons helps people figure out what our furry friends want.

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