It seems that whenever I meet someone that is not from New England, they find a way to piss me off. Yes, okay, that may sound a bit intense, I do have many friends that are not from New England, but they can still be annoying.

Now, when I say that they piss me off, I mean that they either aggravate me by making fun or trying to imitate my accent or we end up in fights over the correct terminology of things.

I'm sure that I am not alone when I say that it is wicked annoying to have to explain that "car keys" and "khakis" do not sound the same. But, other than our accent, there are so many things that New Englanders and outsiders tend to fight about (at least I do).

One of the big terms that I constantly have to explain is "rotary." Yes, I am talking about that circle in the road that we drive around.

Only New Englanders call this a rotary, while everyone else calls it a "roundabout." If they took a second and looked while driving, they will see that even our signs say "rotary ahead."

I cannot tell you the number of times that I have heard that a rotary is a club. Well, it was/is also a type of phone, and you know what, the numbers were in a circle pattern.

Another fight that tends to happen a lot is about (American) Chop Suey.

It seems that outsiders have no idea what Chop Suey really is. For me, Chop Suey was one of the first foods that I learned to make, it's so easy. I cannot tell you the number of crazy looks that I have gotten when I say that I am making Chop Suey for dinner.

If you don't know what Chop Suey is, it's a pasta dish that consists of ground meat, pasta, and tomato sauce. What New Englanders call Chop Suey, others would most likely call Goulash.

Another big argument that happens often is what we put on top of ice cream. Now, I am not talking about hot fudge and all that, I am talking about what New Englanders call "jimmies."

If you know what I am talking about, then you know. If you don't know, then you most likely call these things "sprinkles."

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