A 1909 farmhouse in Belfast is a painting that is part of the permanent collection at the Metroplitan Museum in New York City!


How cool is that? The farmhouse has 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and is 3416 square foot in size up in Belfast. It's a lot of home and farm for under 800,000 dollars.


It's for sale through Zillow.  But why is this farm (which has alpacas that might be part of the deal) painted and hanging at one of the most famous museums in the world?

Zoe Grant

I can't show you a picture of the painting due to rights restrictions, but it's a great story of why the painting exists. It's from the American artist Yvonne Jacquette. This is the description from the Mets website:

In this canvas Jacquette, known for her dizzying aerial depictions of cities and landscapes, depicted a farm in Belfast, Maine (near her summer home), as seen from the window of a single-engine plane. Flying over the site on several excursions, she made preliminary sketches in charcoal and pastel that blocked out the shapes, patterns, and color masses seen below. Then, relying partially on memory and invention, she painted a large "jetscape" on canvas that eliminated the use of traditional vanishing-point perspective and engaged the viewer the way a map might.

The painting is from 1979 and is part of the Met's permanent collections. You could own this farmhouse! There are over 35 acres and it's less than 1 mile from the ocean. The house is stunning in its own right, but outside there are established flower and vegetable gardens, a manicured lawn, forest, and fenced-in fields.

It even comes with an in-law apartment you could rent!



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