There may still be snow on the ground without a hint of a feeling of spring, but when you serve Blizzards, who cares?

The South Portland Dairy Queen at Cash Corner has set an opening date of Friday, February 12, although they are keeping an eye on a storm.


Counting down the days!!!
We are hoping for Friday 2/12
(but watching for a storm).
Feel free to call in...

Posted by South Portland Dairy Queen on Saturday, February 6, 2021

According to News Center Maine, the long term forecast is calling for a possible storm on Dairy Queen's planned opening day. Since it's so far out, snow totals haven't been forecast yet, but something is coming. Because of that possible storm, the opening day might be delayed depending on what we learn as we get closer.

Ironic isn't it? Dairy Queen may not be making Blizzards because of a snow storm. Or is that coincidence? I can never remember which way that goes. I'm going with irony, but feel free to correct me.

Storm or no storm, some people are ready, like Linda who posted in the comments of the South Portland Dairy Queen Facebook page, "I'm even counting the hours...and I am perfectly fine with standing in a snow storm to get a Butterfingers Blizzard"

The fact that Dairy Queen is opening two days before Valentine's Day was not lost on Teri who commented, "Can't wait! DQ is our Valentine's Day gift to each other. Who needs chocolate when you can have a blizzard with chocolate ice cream filled with more chocolate."

Keep your fingers crossed that the South Portland DQ is a go for open on Friday, February 12, but if not, be patient. They should be ready after any storm cleanup.

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