I have a rule that if ever the opportunity should arise to go out on a boat on a beautiful day, I will be onboard. (Get it?!)

So I decided to hang out with my friends Ben and Jenn (not Affleck and Gardner) on Monday when I got out of work. Ben keeps his boat in Essex, MA at this place called Conomo Point so I met them there.

It was one of those 90 degree days but it was breezy on the water and absolutely perfect. We anchored the boat and were listening to music, sipping Spiked Seltzers and generally living our best lives.

We thought it would be fun to all jump off the boat into the water together, and it was! (at first) Ben climbed immediately back onto the boat, Jenn floated with a floaty that was attached to the boat and I started drifting because the current was really strong. It didn't seem like a huge deal at the beginning. Jenn tried to extend the float out to me but the rope wasn't long enough. I was drifting away with the current way faster than I could swim back to the boat. This was serious.

I tried to stay calm but my heart was beating out of my chest, which made it really hard to swim. I am not the strongest swimmer, to begin with. I could barely see the boat anymore but I could hear Jenn shouting that they are coming to get me and that I should just float on my back. I was starting to think about how tragic it would be if I spent my final minutes out in the open seas gasping for air and swearing like a sailor.

I was floating there wishing I could call my mom and tell her I love her and wishing that I had tried skydiving because now I will never get the chance when I heard a man's voice say "Are you okay?" I looked up and saw a couple and their two young boys. These folks probably didn't expect to come across a drowning 30-year-old woman during their nice family day on the water.

I tried to remain calm because I didn't want to freak out the young boys. I told them that the current was really strong and I had floated away from my friends but they were coming to get me. They offered that I could come on their boat and they would bring me back to my pals. I squeaked out the words "thank you" between my panic attack induced pants. I pulled myself up onto their boat and let out a sigh of relief. I thanked them for saving my life and they said "no problem" and gave me some Powerade. They were angels from above and I am so thankful for their kindness.

When I got back on to Ben's boat my friends asked me if it was okay to laugh about it and I gave them permission to do so. We laughed about it for the rest of the day.

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