In a normal summer, you're bound to see just about anything in the Old Orchard Beach and Pine Point areas. Whether it's a stunning piece of Canadian fashion or a crew of bros doing very bro-like things, Maine's coastal hotspots are so busy, you almost become numb to it.

So in a summer when the traffic is down, everything off the beaten path suddenly becomes so much more noticeable.

As you can read from the ad, the author has some very legitimate questions about the beach attire of one individual in particular.

The description paints the picture of a professional person, perhaps visiting Pine Point Beach on a whim and wanted to get as close to the water as possible. But it wouldn't be a ridiculous missed connection Craigslist ad in Maine if it didn't take a sarcastic turn. Hence the prosthetic legs mention in the ad.

But if we're being fair to the author, we really do wonder what exactly was going on with this individual in question. Generally, the last thing you'd want on a pair of decent dress shoes is salt water and sand. On the flip side, if you're really not a huge fan of chilly ocean water, a thick dress shoe would certainly slow down the numbing.

The truth is, we're probably never going to get an answer to this pressing question and the dress shoe swimming is likely to remain anonymous forever.


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