We've seen some amazing acts over the last year, when a lot of Granite Staters and Mainers have been at their lowest. There have been stories of people buying random turkeys for each other around Thanksgiving, people buying complete strangers' groceries around Christmas, and there have been countless tip challenges to support servers while restaurants and bars were really going through it.

In fact, just yesterday, we shared a story about a TikTok star from Bath, Maine, who has put on countless Venmo challenges to raise money to help out waiters and waitresses in the restaurant industry with $1,000 tips.

I've said it once and I'll say it again -- there are generous people spread all over the States, that's obvious; BUT, no one does it like us New Englanders do. And here's proof.

Yesterday on his Facebook page, Michael Zarella, who works at The Stumble Inn Bar & Grill on Rockingham Road on the Londonderry/Derry, New Hampshire line, posted about an insanely generous tip an anonymous customer left on June 12.

According to Michael, the anonymous customer wasn't a regular patron, but he's been into The Stumble Inn before a couple of times. The day that the $16,000 tip was left, there were 8 bartenders on who share the tips, but also tip out the kitchen staff as well, so needless to say there were A LOT of employees that benefitted from that tip.

Michael went on to say it was great to see the staff getting the recognition they deserve, considering like other establishments, it's been a rough 16 months for them. The Stumble Inn used part of their parking lot for outdoor dining, setting up a socially-distanced tent outside during the rougher months of the pandemic.

And while Michael mentioned that customers of The Stumble Inn always tip pretty well, he's never seen anything remotely close to a tip like this anonymous customer left, especially on a tab that was just shy of $38.

And honestly, it's great to see that as we continue stepping forward in the battle with the pandemic and while cases are starting to diminish all over New England, the generosity that shone through the darkness of COVID isn't diminishing with it, and the glow of it is still bright like a diamond.

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